28. May, 2014

What nature gives, it will also take away

What nature gives, quite often, it will take away. This was certainly true on the beautiful island of Kefalonia in 1953 when an earthquake destroyed almost every house, apart from the strongest of those in the North.

      There were once 365 villages thriving on this Mediterranean island but since then, only 200 or so remain.

      As my kind and unassuming husband and I roamed around this delightful island, we discovered many of these deserted villages, nestled on the sides of mountains, where eagles and vultures prey.

      Trees have grown up from the earth and made themselves at home within the crumbling walls, whilst wild flowers grow in the abandoned gardens. However, they are indeed, a welcome shelter for many a wild animal.

       I have to say, that it was sad to see these determined to remain ruins, once family homes, still standing proud on the side of the mountains as if waiting for the return of the souls that once lived within their walls.