29. May, 2014

Thunder by name and Thunder by nature!

Thunder by name and Thunder by nature that is what she was like in the beginning. To put it another way, she had attitude and just a few too many issues. This tough, chest out, I’m here now, scrawny hen, came to us some years ago after causing havoc in her last home. And how lucky were we to have her?

     We always do our best, at our home for waifs and strays, to hold our hens so we can get to know them as individuals. This is also a good way of knowing when there is a problem and dealing with it before it gets serious. But sometimes even then, it can be too late.

     Well this was easier said than done when dear Thunder arrived at our home. She strutted about the place like a teenager, with all the attitude and tantrums which in hen vocabulary would sound like ‘don’t touch me I’m untouchable!’

      Summers came and went and we persevered, knowing that in time she would surrender her teenage tantrums and become a friend to all the other hens. Then one day, after another hen of the same rank and colour entered our home, Thunder became her closest friend. You would hardly find one without the other and it was a joy to see.

       Well as many of you know, my kind and unassuming husband and I recently went to visit our friends in Kefalonia. They also have a home for waifs and strays. But before leaving, we noticed that Thunder was behaving strangely. We took her straight to the vet who was just as bewildered as we were. However, it was decided that she would start on antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medication straight away.

        We left poor Thunder, in the loving care of our dear friends. But despite all efforts to save her, she sadly died in my arms almost as soon as we returned. Moments before, I had carried her down to the pond where she opened her eyes and raised her weak head. The birds were singing in the trees and a slight breeze blew over us. With a gentle sigh, she died.

        It is never easy losing any of our animals and the loss is always different. They all leave their mark, like tiny footprints, engraved forever in our hearts and our home for waifs and strays.  

Thunder by name and Thunder by nature was quite a character. She knew she was well loved and will be sorely missed. Goodnight our sweet girl, continue to blossom and grow wherever your soul does rest!