30. May, 2014

A wilderness garden

Emerging through the gate of our home for waifs and strays, after being away for a week, we could easily be forgiven for thinking we had entered a wilderness. Our garden for waifs and strays had suddenly come alive and was growing at a fast speed.

       Opening the old arched gate, we were greeted by the soft aroma of the jasmine that poured itself over a wall on both sides. Its delicate white flowers are enough to make anyone smile.

        And as we walked up the winding path, we could see the transformation in such a short time. A sign 'stick to the path’ wouldn’t have gone amiss. As we strolled beneath the pergola, where the lilac flowers of the wisteria hung, the heady smells filled our senses. We were home!

         Down by the pond we saw amazing changes. It was covered with a thin speckled carpet called duck weed. We smiled and pointed to the lily pads which forced their way through with the lily flowers tucked in amongst them. Any day now, they will greet us in their full glory and transform the pond to something an artist would be proud to paint. We noticed the overhanging rambling rose, not quite open but hundreds of tiny pink buds were just patiently waiting. Then the glorious tall nettles, which were grown to attract the butterflies soon to arrive at our home for waifs and strays.

         Across an overgrown lawn, we could see the compost bins, all crying out to be turned. And the fruit trees stood proudly, showing off the beginnings of pears, apples, cherries and plums. There would be plenty of preserves this year, I thought. And plenty of work too. But not as much work as the allotment! That came next.

         Strolling further up the path, we came to the allotment. It looked so different, so alive! Beans curled around the wigwams poles like green snakes and peas (my favourite) were just about reaching the old rope fishing net we rescued off the beach. The Greek blue rope would soon be shaded by the sweet tasting peas in their pods.

         The potatoes had been covered and recovered and now the leaves refused to be covered again, with the promise of wonderful new potatoes to have with the beans. The greenhouse door was open and we could see the tomatoes and the lettuce, the cucumbers and the peppers. We imagined the scents oozing from them.

         We stopped at the kitchen door and looked around. There was so much more to see and that was before we went to visit the hens. Oh it was great to go away, to take some time out, but it was even greater to come home to our home for waifs and strays.