1. Jun, 2014

Little Dresses for Africa!

Many of you would have read the story I wrote about The Fish & Chip Shop Babies in Africa. Babies born into such poverty,  are sent home from hospital, wrapped in newspapers. Well here is a continuation called The Pillow Case Dresses.

     After seeing the tattered dresses on precious children in Mawawi, a small group of women began to make dresses from pillowcases. Why pillowcases? Well these are readily available and in all colours. Seeing as the hem is already in the material, a novice seamstess can easily whip up a dress in no time, well, in your own time anyway! Check the site below for a full pattern. These were then taken out and distributed around the orphanges and to African villages where little girls live in hope. These simply made dresses are also sent to other countries in crisis.

      Because of the Aids problem in Africa, little girls are often left to become the primary carer for their siblings. Often, along with the dresses, volunteers reach out to give help where help is desperatley needed.

      So if you’re feeling like a challenge, try making a dress from a pillowcase and add buttons, lace or anything you chose, or just keep it simple. The choice is yours!

      So where can you send these dresses? See below.


      Or check out the site in America, Little Dresses for Africa. Goodluck.

      Print downloadable instructions as shown below can be printed from this link: LDFA dress instructions Teresa 2012