10. Jun, 2014

The Tale of Bossy Bonnie Bumblebee

Bossy Bonnie Bumblebee is the naughtiest child in Gusty Gully. Her mother, the teacher, is the scariest person ever. Aled Evans once wrote this in his diary.

      ‘I’m not afraid of that girl!’ said Aled to the twins, as they walked up the hill towards the school.

      ‘But if you don’t give her sweets, she will run to her mother and tell lies about us!’ said Selin, dragging her feet behind them. She didn’t want to go to school, Bossy Bonnie frightened her.

      ‘Well today she will have to go without,’ replied Aled, straightening his back and pointing his chin outwards. ‘I haven’t got any sweets to give her!’

      The twins gasped in unison.

      ‘B..b..but you have to give her sweets,’ stammered Seth, wiping back his mop of blond curls, ‘she’ll be waiting at the gate for us.’

      ‘Have some of mine!’ cried Selin and she stopped to open her school bag.

      ‘Don’t bother,’ shouted Aled, ‘I have no intention of giving her sweets ever again. I decided last night that she’s gone too far!’

      Seth and Selin stopped in their tracks. ‘What about Mrs Bumblebee?’ Selin said as she closed her bag. ‘She will believe any story her horrid daughter tells her, even if it is a lie!’

       Aled just shrugged his shoulders and carried on up the hill. ‘Hurry up you two, we don’t want to be late!’

       When they arrived at the school gates, Bossy Bonnie was nowhere to be seen.

        ‘That’s a first!’ said Seth and he sighed with relief.

        ‘You’re lucky this time!’ said Selin and hurried towards the school door.

        Aled stood perfectly still by the gate.

        ‘What are you doing?’ Selin shouted. ‘Are you bonkers?’

       Aled smiled and waved to the twins. ‘Maybe!’ he said and watched as all the children ran into school before Bossy Bonnie arrived. There was Archie and Ollie, Hayley and Megan and lots more who were afraid of the bully. Because, that is what she was, Aled had written in his diary, a great big horrid bully.

       The school bell rang, telling the children that school was about to start. But Aled kept his ground. He stood up straight, just inside the school gate and waited for her. She soon arrived and looked livid to see that everyone had gone in, except that boy with the thick dark hair, the one that always stared at her.

       For a moment, Aled wanted to run, but it was too late, she had spotted him. She smiled mechanically and held her hand out. ‘Give them to me!’ she hissed. Aled sort of snarled at her. He had noticed before, but today, Bossy Bonnie Bumblebee looked even prettier than before, despite being so horrid.

        ‘Why are you staring at me?’ she snapped. ‘Is it because I’m the teacher’s daughter?’

       Aled tried to look away but he couldn’t. He didn’t know if he was frightened or hypnotised by the creature standing in front of him. She was slightly taller than him, but slimmer, with dark hair, that fell down to her waist. She was only ten, he thought, same age as he was, but one day she would be more beautiful than ever. He hoped he would be around to see that day.  

        ‘I’m not staring!’ he said quietly. ‘And I certainly don’t care that you’re the teacher’s daughter. Why should I? Why should anyone care? I was just wondering what it is that makes you so horrid! Is it because you are the teacher’s daughter?’

        Bossy Bonny Bumblebee was so angry, that she ran into the classroom and told her mother that Aled Evans had stolen sweets from the village shop. This didn’t go down very well with Mrs Bumblebee and her face reddened as she left the room to find him.

        Aled was standing in the yard. He knew the reason why Bossy Bonnie  acted the way she did. It was because she was Mrs Bumblebee’s daughter and although that in itself should not turn her into a bully, it obviously affected her. He turned to see Mrs Bumblebee marching across the yard holding out a finger towards him.

        ‘Aled Evans, go straight to my office and stay there until I call Barry Book and Pencil!’

        Aled knew only too well who Barry Book and Pencil was, he was the village policeman.

        ‘I didn’t steal anything,’ said Aled to the policeman, a little while later. ‘I have never stolen anything in my life,’ he said honestly.

        There was a knock on the door. The policeman opened it and Aled saw Bossy Bonnie Bumblebee standing there crying.

         ‘I made a mistake,’ she sniffled. ‘I shouldn’t have said those things.’

         ‘Why are you telling me this now?’ Barry Book and Pencil asked. ‘What has made you change your mind?’

          Aled stared at the girl who got him into trouble. She didn’t look at him.

          ‘I’m sorry but I don’t know why I said it! It was a mistake!’

          Aled remembered what he had heard on TV and quickly stood besides the policeman.

          ‘I don’t want to press charges,’ he said breathlessly, ‘she just thought she saw me stealing but I was just looking in my bag for something!’ Aled crossed his fingers behind his back. What harm would a little white lie do?

          Mrs Bumblebee and the policeman spoke to Bossy Bonnie and told her to be more careful in future, especially when accusing someone. Bossy Bonnie promised to do so and went straight back to the classroom and sat at her desk, her head hung low.

           ‘Thank you,’ said a voice behind and she turned to see Aled Evans staring down at her.

            ‘I’m the one, who should say thank you,’ she whispered. ‘And I am so sorry. It will never happen again, I promise.’ And it never did!