11. Jun, 2014

Let's take a rain check!

     For the past few months, many things have been happening at our home for waifs and strays. My kind and unassuming husband and I (mainly my kind and unassuming husband) have been working hard to keep up with all the repairs and maintenance. We have also had decisions to make about adding to our ever growing family.

     Many of you will remember Twilight! She is the Peking Bantam that went broody some weeks ago. Well she is determined to remain broody until a chick appears. So I spent the entire morning driving up and down the Welsh Valley’s and over mountains, in search of a day old chick. I eventually arrived at an old farm in the middle of nowhere, with views to die for...perhaps that’s a little drastic but you know what I mean!

     The farm was very old with many straggling outbuildings and chickens everywhere. There was a pond too, or more like a small lake with large white lilies. It was a grand sight and I was greeted by a young man who couldn’t wait to show me his hens.

     Everything was immaculate, even the back room where the very young hens tweeted beneath a large lamp. I took time to choose my chick, in fact I couldn’t decide so I ended up with two bantam buffs instead.

     We now await darkness, before slipping them underneath Twilight. We can only hope and pray that she will accept these tiny balls of yellow fluff, just as her adoptive mother did exactly a year ago. I shall let you know tomorrow how they all get on.

      Well on the subject of hens, if you read the story of Featherpin a few days ago, she took a turn for the better and is now up and about with the others.

       Life in the garden is rosy again. Even the allotment is thriving. So there is still plenty to do. For now though, I will do some writing until it’s time to give Twilight her adopted chicks. Then the worrying will begin. Will she, wont she, be a natural mother? We will have to wait and see.