14. Jun, 2014

Nature at its best!

I sat quietly by the pond today, watching nature at its best. As I sipped my cup of sweet tea, I was amazed at what I saw.

     A lizard scurried past me, stopped for a rest then made its way beneath the old summerhouse. He was the biggest lizard I had ever seen in our garden for waifs and strays.

     Tadpoles in the pond had come to the edge, to sun themselves and to show off their developing legs. There were hundreds of them and newts too, and lots of other things I can’t always name.

     Bees buzzed in the roses which are now in abundance, climbing and crawling over everything around the pond. Even the foxgloves hung empty but deliciously beautiful....if it’s ok to say that!

     And as I lay back on the swing to soak up the sunshine I watched breathlessly as a red kite, the colour of autumn, flew gracefully overhead. This amazing creature with a six foot wingspan, was once, almost extinct in Britain, but thank heavens they have made a comeback.

      Then finishing my sweet tea, I took one last look at the pond. I noticed the delicate white flowers between the lily pads and began to take photos. That is when I spotted this magnificent damselfly.

       There were quite a few fluttering over the quiet water, but this particular one was happy to sit and pose for me. Her long black legs and large, curious red eyes would be the envy of many of her own kind, but her delicate wings would be the envy of all fairies. It is sad to think that as an adult she will live for as little as two months. You see, the longest part of her life was spent underwater, where she lived as a nymph for the best part of four years.

        I could have stayed by the pond all day, but so many things were vying for my time and attention. So I made my way to the chick nursery to see how they were doing. They were doing quite well, tucked under the wings of Twilight.

It is later than you think my friends. Until we meet again!