22. Jun, 2014

Nautical Nick!

Another wee tale from the Gusty Gully Chronicles

Let’s launch the boat!’ shouted Nautical Nick excitedly. ‘It’s as ready as it will ever be and it’s a grand day.’

      Seth and Selin stared down at the old boat they had been working on for the past year.

      ‘Are you sure it won’t sink?’ said Seth frowning. ‘We’ve only painted it after all!’

      His twin sister laughed. ‘We’ll soon find out if we take it to the beach. When shall we go?’

      ‘No time like the present,’ replied Nautical Nick, ‘guess my parents won’t mind me trying it out before they get home from work. We won’t go far!’

      Nautical Nick just couldn’t control his excitement. Within no time at all they had packed a bag with food and water and wrote a quick message to his parents so they would know where he was. Then they lifted the small boat onto a trailer and pulled it down through the village of Gusty Gully and on to the beach.             

       ‘Oh no,’ cried Selin, ‘I only told Tom the Egg and he must have told the whole school.

       The three friends looked in amazement at the children who had run down to the beach to witness the launch.

        ‘I hope it doesn’t sink!’ Seth spoke quietly, ‘or the whole school will be laughing.

        ‘Let’s get on with it!’ said Nautical Nick, ‘it won’t sink!’ So they set sail.

        It was calm, like a mill pond, as they pushed the boat into the sea.

        ‘I name this boat Winnie!’ shouted Nautical Nick enthusiastically, ‘after my grandmother who came by ship from Ireland.

        ‘May God bless her and all who sink in her...I mean sail in her!’ shouted one of the children who stood on the rocks.

        Seth, Selin and Nautical Nick ignored the remark and jumped in the boat as it floated in the water.

         ‘See,’ shouted Nautical Nick, ‘it’s sink proof!’  and he rowed merrily across the small bay while Seth and Selin sat either end of the boat.

         ‘Look!’ Seth pointed to a boat further out. ‘That’s Phil the Fish!’

         The three children shouted and waved but there was no sign of Phil the Fish.

         ‘Something’s wrong!’ said Nautical Nick. ‘I can feel it in my bones.

         Seth and Selin looked confused but said nothing.

          Nautical Nick rowed faster towards the old trawler. ‘Let’s get a closer look,’ he said, pulling up along side of it and shouted to Phil the Fish. But there was no reply.

          ‘What’s that strange noise?’ Selin frowned. ‘It’s coming from inside the boat.’

          Nautical Nick pulled in the oars and tied the little boat to the big one and climbed upon it.

           ‘Can you see him?’ shouted Seth.

           ‘I can see him,’ replied Nautical Nick, ‘but he’s banged his head or something, there’s blood running down his face. I think he’s unconscious.’

           ‘We’ll row back to the beach and get help,’ Seth shouted back and wasted no time in putting the oars back into the water.

           Later that day, when the rescue was over, the three children sat around the kitchen table and talked about their first adventure at sea.

           ‘Thank heavens Phil the Fish is safe and well again,’ Selin sighed. ‘I don’t know what would have happened if we hadn’t have been there.’

           ‘I guess he will have to wash his deck down more often,’ said Nautical Nick, ‘or he’ll slip again and perhaps next time he’ll fall overboard!’

            The children laughed but they knew that what they said was right.

           ‘I have a feeling that this is just the beginning of many adventures at sea!’ said Selin.

           ‘Then I shall be known as Captain Nautical Nick!’ said Captain Nautical Nick!