2. Jul, 2014

If only I had the time!

I’m going to keep a record,’ I said to my kind and unassuming husband, as he hurried off to work this morning, ‘of all the time I waste!’

      He just frowned and nodded his head, then a peck on the cheek and a ruffle of my already untidy hair before he disapeared through the kitchen door. After all the years I have known him, that meant ‘stop worrying and have a nice day!’ But I would worry because I know I must hold the top award for being the world’s biggest procrastinator!

     I work as hard as the next person but I often find there is never enough hours in a day. However, I do waste my time quite frequently and it’s got to stop!

     So to-day, I have decided to keep a diary of what I actually do. This, I’ve been told, can leave a person feeling half scared to death. But now I only see it as a challenge, especially because it could possibly benefit my writing. This is the only thing I need extra time for. So this diary holds the key to my future prospects!

     It is already 11am on the first day, and already I have wasted all morning so far! But is it wasted? I ask myself that question before having to rush off to the ward myself. I was up at 6.30am, fed the cats, fed the 1000 or more wild birds (no exaggeration) opened up the hen houses, fed the hens, mixed up the medication for old and dear Featherpin, cleaned out the chicken huts, collected eggs already laid, hung the washing out (yes, they still do that in Wales!) and changed my picture on Twitter! Now we are talking!!

     I have never felt so exposed as I did when I saw myself on Twitter! Oh I have been writing on Twitter for six months now but I hid behind dark glasses and a hat! Now the glasses have gone and the hat too and I’m sitting up a tree staring at my kind an unassuming husband who has no idea why I’m up a tree.

     So the day so far has been quite interesting but I haven’t done any writing as yet, well not proper writing like editing a book that’s crying out to be sent off.....Oh if only I had more time!