2. Jul, 2014

Little Miss Witch Hazel

Little Miss Witch Hazel has amazing magical powers! Her young branches are pliable and bendy, but the magic is in her spidery flowers that release a spicy fragrance. These spidery flowers of yellow, reds, orange and sometimes purple, have the power to change the winter blues

     Now little Miss Witch Hazel, (Hamamelis virginiana..hooked fruit) was a great friend of the American Indians. She taught them how to make a ‘magic potion’ from her bark, her stems and her leaves. This, she told them, would be good for, sores, bruises and swelling. She also showed them how to find water by using her twigs as divining rods.

      Unlike many of her so called friends, little Miss Witch Hazel flourishes almost anywhere she is put. She is hardy, and will put up with the sun on her face and her feet (roots) in poor and polluted soil. She is not one to complain however, but she is not so keen on the wind. This, she says, can interfere with her magic! And foot rot! Oh she shivers at the thought, so a wee bit of drainage can solve that problem. Oh, and a little bit of feeding from time to time.