7. Jul, 2014

New chicks on the block!

At this time of year, our home for waifs and strays is a hive of activity. Whilst some of the hens are getting old and doddering about, there are new chicks on the block ready to take over.

    Twilight’s adoptive young are all legs! I am slightly concerned, as there’s a good chance they could be cockerels.

     ‘A couple more cockerels in the village won’t matter!’ I said to my kind and unassuming husband. ‘I like the sound. It reminds me that we live in the country!’

     He just smiled and nodded his head and I took it that we would be keeping them no matter what sex they are.

      Down by the pond, hundreds of tiny frogs are preparing to land-walk. This is always a concern for me, as the hens are laying in waiting. Also, the grass cannot be cut (well not very easily) as I’m afraid of chopping off their legs. So I crawl about on all fours like a hunter, clearing the way for the lawnmower. They scream, you know, if you hurt them! Frogs I mean!

       And there is an enormous hedge to cut. This always causes problems at our home for waifs and strays. You see, there is another world living inside it with literally hundreds of birds of all ages and kinds. If we don’t cut the hedge (which is at least three metres high) then it would become woodlands.  This would be rather nice, but not at all practical. You know who said that, don’t you? So timing is quite important.

       Over in the allotment, there is another kind of woodland. Vegetables have appeared as if overnight. There is indeed a good crop this year. I thank the sun for that! Potatoes, runner beans, broad beans, garden peas, carrots, onions, kale, cabbage, herbs and everything salad are thriving in our garden. Bliss!

        There is so much more to talk about, but the ward is calling yet again. So until tomorrow, remember, it is later than you think!