12. Jul, 2014

'Lovely, ugly town....'

Dylan Thomas called it a ‘lovely, ugly, town,’ and The Lonely Planet called it ‘The ash tray of a place’ while I have heard people call it ‘The graveyard of ambition’ but my kind and unassuming husband says that many people who take the time to discover the area, rarely want to leave.

     Today, as I stood at the top of the highest restaurant in Wales (which is situated in the heart of Swansea) I marvelled at how much this area has to offer. This city, call it what you like, is built on the shores of a long stretch of sandy beach, and nestles below the rolling hills of Wales.

      My eyes scanned the city and rested for while on Swansea market, this is where my father used to take me when I was a child, still thriving, still packed with locally grown produce and freshly caught fish.

     Directly below the restaurant, art galleries, museums and all kinds of restaurants line the marina where boats bob about on the water.

     Across the bay is the village of Mumbles with its medieval castle, pier, lighthouse and quirky little shops and tea rooms, a delightful place to visit.

     I turned to look at our visitors and could tell by their faces that they saw the city as I did, a place full of history and possibilities.