12. Jul, 2014

No more fishing!

After spending the day fishing, not me however, I was sitting on the deck writing to you, it was good to get my feet on solid ground. Though saying that, it is very relaxing, messing about on the water!

     I come from a family of fishermen, my father also used to participate in the sport, but I cannot kill a fly let alone a wriggling fish. However, our visitors wanted to go on the boat and try to catch a fish for their tea. Reluctantly I went, with my art pad and paints and a writing book and pen.

     The day began quiet peacefully and all was going to plan. We left the marina and the city behind, and headed out into the Bristol Channel. There was a slight breeze and the boat wasn’t exactly still, but our visitors were shown how to prepare their rods (I never watch this part) and soon they were holding them in the water. As usual, when the fish begin to bite, I begin to squirm and shut my eyes tightly. I also say a pray at this stage for the poor and unsuspecting fish. Today, the fish were too small and were placed back into the water, phew! Then the wind picked up!

     Without warning, the waves became choppy and the boat began to rock like a cradle. Our visitor’s smiles were replaced with a green looking film which is the usual sign of sea sickness.

       Although officially off duty, I used my nursing skills while the boat was taken back to the marina. The fish, this time, had a lucky escape! Oh, and by the way, our visitor’s recovered and said they looked forward to visiting us again in the very near future. I doubt that will be include fishing!