14. Jul, 2014

Most of us own a leathal weapon!

Most of us own a lethal weapon with the potential to kill! I’m talking cars tonight, as I’m seriously worried about the lack of concentration and poor driving of some of the people I met on the road today.

     Whilst leaving an out of town Retail Park, I noticed a young blackbird on the side of the road.  He was sitting up and still alive despite being hit by a previous car and the car in front of us appeared to drive over its wings.

      ‘Stop!’ I shouted to my kind and unassuming husband, realising what had happened and I jumped from the camper and ran back. A few more cars passed but not one stopped or tried to avoid it.

       I quickly scooped the young bird up and cradled him in my hands. I knew it was a male as they are black while females are brown.

       With the young bird safely in my lap in the camper, I made a quick call to the bird hospital in the woods near our home for waifs and strays. Sadly, he died just before we arrived there. I cried for the blackbird, not just because he had died but because he had suffered. People must have seen him on the road just as I did. How long he had been there, I do not know. I wondered why someone hadn’t stopped to put him on the pavement where he would be safe. But to many, I guess, he was just another bird.

       Blackbirds, or Turdus Merula, as many of you will know from my previous story about them, can live for up to twenty years. Their song is the sweetest of any other British bird. But this little fellow, now buried in our garden for waifs and strays died before his life had properly begun. Even the summer will last longer.

      And perhaps he could have lived. Perhaps if people stopped using their phones whilst driving and concentrate instead....perhaps he wouldn’t have died unnecessary.

      Don’t always assume the animal on the road is dead. It might just be in shock and could live if you stop for just a moment and put it somewhere safe where at least it will have a chance of survival