17. Jul, 2014

Snowdonia National Park Adventure

Having adventures, whatever the weather, is always an inspiration to me. And to my kind an unassuming husband, it is always a welcome break from the daily chores at our home for waifs and strays, but for a wee while it makes him anxious. This is because he never knows where we will end up even at the point of leaving!

     Lunchtime yesterday, we decided to take advantage of some ‘hen sitters’ and head off in our old camper to.....God knows where!

      ‘Let’s drive up north to the mountains,’ I said. ‘It doesn’t matter about the rain. In fact I’m sure the sun will eventually shine!’

       So we drove up through Mid Wales with its rolling green hills and breathtaking scenery. We were soon in a holiday mood, despite the threatening dark clouds that seemed to guide us.

      ‘They’ll be gone by the time we get there,’ I said positively. My kind and unassuming husband frowned and I knew that he had his doubts.

      We chugged along through the quiet roads of Llandovery, Lampeter then followed the coast road up to Aberystwyth.  When we eventually reached Machynlleth, the clouds began to melt away and we saw the mountains in the distance. I don’t know why it is, but the mountains effect my spirit just the same a cup of sweet tea.

        After almost four hours driving, we reached Dolgellau and slipped almost unnoticed into Snowdonia National Park. Real mountain country!

        ‘I knew the sun would be out up here,’ I grinned. My kind and unassuming husband grinned too. And indeed, by the time we reached Bala Lake and settled our camper besides it, the evening sun warmed and welcomed us! While I waited for the kettle to boil, I absorbed our surroundings.

        There was hardly a soul in sight, just a few wondering hens, a peaceful lake, a setting sun and standing majestically in the distance was nothing more than Cader Idris. Bliss!