20. Jul, 2014

Jester Jack

I call him Jester Jack purely because of his acrobatic displays whilst diving and turning in strong winds. And coming from a family of ‘circus cousins’ I’m quite sure that this Jackdaw (Corvus monedula) would easily get a job in the Big Top!

     I spotted this young bird today, with its pale eyes, trying to catch a bit of sun. He appeared totally oblivious to me taking a picture of him or perhaps he really is a show off and was just a wee bit dramatic.

     Known for their ‘nimble thieving claws’ these sociable birds cannot resist shiny, objects, perhaps that is why they are called Jack, a name traditionally used when referring to a thief or a rogue.  

      Not that long ago, just as I light the fire at our home for waifs and strays, I heard a squawking and flapping noise coming from up the chimney. Faster than you could say ‘fireman’ I beat out the fire and forced the chimney pipe off the stove to discover nothing more than a very lucky-to-be-alive Jack the Jester!

       Perhaps that should be a lesson to him!