24. Jul, 2014

Summer at our home for waifs and strays

Often when people think of Wales, they see sheep, mountains and rain, but lately we’ve been basking in glorious sun. A welcome relief after all the floods we endured!

     Keeping the animals cool can sometimes be tricky, especially the young chicks. However, now that they are growing (at an alarming rate) they are able to wonder further afield to where there is plenty of natural shade. A good tip is to put ice cubes in their water to keep it cool.

     At this time of year hedgehogs are also wondering about and get very dehydrated. Please can you take the time to put out a shallow dish of water for them! The birds would also benefit from this but perhaps a tad bit higher and somewhere away from hunting cats!

     At our home for waifs and strays, the cats will climb into anything for a wee bit of shade....even the bird house!