26. Jul, 2014

Planet WOMAD!

Having landed on another planet, I sat myself down in the arboretum, beneath a peculiar tree I could not identify. This was certainly a place where people came to escape their ‘normal’ lives I thought. For instance, as I sat under this peculiar tree an adult human cat, an adult human lion, a fairy and some rather strange people in pixie hats walked passed me. Admittedly, they smiled politely as if it were normal to dress as exotic animals, dragging their tails behind them! And for a brief moment I wondered if I too should run back to the camper and dig something odd out to wear!

     I can only describe this festival of fashion (known to many as WOMAD, world of music, art and dance) as a kind of respite from the normal world we call planet Earth!

     Whilst still sitting there, beneath this tree which I almost expected to talk to me, I watched children and adults, running around with garlands in their hair and somewhere close by I heard the sensual sound of a harp and someone began to sing. It was magical, I have to say. But there was something quite strange! I looked up at the trees and suddenly realised that no bird could I see or hear. How odd!

      And floating in the gentle breeze were scents from around the world that reminded me I hadn’t eaten for quite some time. So I followed my nose and came upon a village of tepees. Much to my surprise (or was I really surprised at all?) I came upon my friends. Or were they imposters?  Their normal faces had been replaced by painted masks of lions, tigers and I knew in an instant that if I wasn’t careful, I too would surrender to this world of make believe!

     However, the magic and make believe soon came to an abrupt end when strolling through this maze of music, art and dance, I noticed a huge sign above a tent...'Mobile Phones Charged Here and a queue a half mile long!