29. Jul, 2014

Was it just a dream?

Leaving Planet WOMAD left me with mixed feelings. Did I dream it all? Would I come again? That’s an easy one to answer, of course I would, God willing, as my grandmother used to say!

     But where will all the pixies go and the strange creatures in top hats and those with bushy tails and weird costumes? It’s my guess they’ll go to another planet where they struggle with normality and the wearing of suits and working their way through 9 untill 5. The costumes are probably hidden in a cupboard under the stairs! It’s my guess that I will see them again next year or sometime in the future with children or grandchildren following in their footsteps.

      So the bubble, for many, will burst, taking with it its energy, freedom and its uniqueness. Those lazy summer days on Planet WOMAD were, I have to say, quite pleasurable and relaxing!

       As we prepared for takeoff, in rows of revved up spaceships, I longed to be back in the Coyote Moon Cafe (a tepee in the woods) drinking a cup of sweet tea and listening to someone playing the guitar. Or perhaps a quick visit to the Speaking Tree Bookshop to buy that book I wanted but never got. Too late now, we’re off!

       Did I dream it? I most certainly didn’t! It was too alive to be anything else!