3. Aug, 2014

A symbol of Love, Hope and Peace

From the monsoon forests to the Blue Mountains of Jamaica, from Indonesia to Malaysia but missing out Antarctica and the Sahara desert, from Argentina, Brazil and Peru, to our home in Wales, you will find the symbol of Love, Peace and Harmony, known to most people as The Dove.

     Unlike many humans, they mate for life and share the responsibility of their young. Many of us have heard the male calling woo-hoo to the female and witnessed them build their nests quite openly.

      In Genesis 8:11, a biblical story tells the tale of Noah releasing a dove after the flood in the hope it would find land. This gentle bird came back with an olive branch and Noah knew that land was close by.

      They were the sacred animal of Aphrodite and Venus, and the goddesses of friendship and love. They also symbolized the peaceful soul for many cultures.

      So why, when Christians use Noah’s Dove as a symbol of peace and the Egyptians a symbol of quiet innocence and not forgetting the Greeks and the Romans who saw them as a representation of love, oh, and the Chinese a symbol of peace and long life, are these gentle living birds at risk of extinction? Perhaps it is because they are hunted or suffer because of loss of habitat or perhaps predators can take the blame, only time will tell!