5. Aug, 2014

Raining frogs!

What a night! Driving home in the rain after a late shift on the ward, I suddenly realised how dark it was when a cow appeared from nowhere, in front of my car. Thank heavens, I stopped in time. With my heart racing, I sat listening to the flip flop of the windscreen wipers, whilst searching the darkness for anymore animals. That is when I saw them.

      Hundreds (so it seemed) of juvenile frogs, on their first trip away from home. As usual, they wait for the rain to come to prevent drying out. I prayed in that moment, that no other cars would come. But one did and I had no choice but to squeeze my eyes shut and wait.

       With only the lights of the car, I picked up a few of these incredible creatures. For many, it was too late. I wondered if any of them had come from our home for waifs and strays.

        My journey home was endless. My eyes scanned the road in front of me, avoiding the Army of frogs. Then back at our home for waifs and strays, I stopped besides the pond and listened to the sound of heavy plops as frogs jumped into the water. They were safe! At least for the time being!