6. Aug, 2014

The latchkey canines

This is a quick little tale for James and Rufus x

Rufus looked out of the window to see what kind of a day it was. His ears pricked up when he saw the sun and his tail wagged wildly.

   ‘It’s a good day for a walk in the park or a run on the beach,’ he thought, so he ran down the stairs and sat by the front door. But nobody came. He had forgotten that everyone had gone off to work.

     Rufus’s tail stopped wagging and his fluffy white ears flopped like a frown. What would he do now?

      He went into the kitchen and saw his usual dish of food and a bowl of water next to it. Yuk, he had gone off that food and refused to eat it. As he turned, Rufus noticed a cat looking at him through the window. He barked. A squeaky sort of yappy bark and the cat just watched him. Rufus had seen a similar cat before, a much fatter cat than this one. Then he had an idea.

      Rufus ran all the way back up the stairs to the attic. He put his paws on the window ledge and looked down at the roof. ‘I can climb down there,’ he thought and chase that cat out of my garden!’

       With one big leap, Rufus jumped out of the window and landed on the roof.  But poor Rufus slide over the tiles, desperately tring to hold on with his claws. He came to a stop, just before falling onto another roof below.

        ‘Phew, that was a close one!’ he said. His heart was beating fast, like a drum in his ears. Then he saw the cat.

         ‘I’m coming to get you,’ Rufus said and jumped onto the second roof. This time more gracefully than before.  ‘I’ll get that cat one way or another!’

         But when Rufus saw the cat something was different. It looked thin, thinner than any cat he had ever seen before. It was almost too weak to move. He couldn’t possibly chase an old cat that was starving, could he?

         The cat looked up at Rufus and managed a hiss. ‘Do that again,’ said Rufus,’ and I will chase you. It was no fun chasing a lazy cat. Feeling bored, Rufus decided to go back into the house. This isn’t going to be easy, he thought, looking up at the roof. Suddenly, the cat got up and jumped onto a table then onto the roof. Rufus pricked up his ears and followed him.

       The old cat climbed up the roof to the open window and jumped in while Rufus struggled to get up the tiles. He kept slipping and sliding and was worn out by the time he got to the top. The cat was waiting for him.

        ‘Thank you,’ said Rufus, ‘you showed me how to get back in!’ The cat lay down on the carpet and yawned. Rufus had an idea.

         ‘Follow me!’ he shouted to the cat and ran down the stairs with his tail wagging. ‘You can eat that!’ he said and tapped the dish of food with his paw.

         The old ginger cats eyes were wide open and his nose began to twitch. His tummy rumbled at the sight of food. ‘Well eat it then!’ said Rufus and the cat ate every bit.

          Later that day when the family came home from work, they were amazed to see Rufus and the old cat sleeping together on a rug.

           ‘It’s old Mrs Peppercorns cat,’ said the lady, ‘but now she has died I think we ought to give him a home.’ And that is what they did.

            And so the advenures began. Tomorrow he would slip out of the window again and this time he would go to the park on his own!