10. Aug, 2014

Snail Trail

‘Someone’s been eating my cabbages,’ said Grumpy Stanley Snail. And he wondered around the garden, looking for the culprit.

     ‘I’m coming to get you,’ he shouted as loud as he could. ‘You had better run!’

      ‘Where are you going?’ asked the spider.

      ‘Someone’s been eating my cabbages,’ said Grumpy Stanley. ‘So I’m going to look for him.’

      ‘I’m good at frightening people,’ said the spider, ‘I will come and frighten them away.’

      So the spider and the snail crept slowly around the garden searching for anyone that looked suspicious.

       ‘Have you been eating my cabbages?’ said the snail to Slip the slug. The slug shook his head. He didn’t like cabbages, they were far too green.

       ‘I can help you find the culprit,’ said Slip the slug and slid behind the trail.

       ‘Have you been eating my cabbages?’ said Grumpy Stanley to the woodlouse.

        ‘Indeed I haven’t!’ said the equally grumpy woodlouse. ‘Is there a reward for finding the culprit?’

        Grumpy Stanley looked at the woodlouse and shook his head. ‘What is the world coming to?’ he said.

         ‘Well I haven’t got anything better to do so I might as well join you,’ said the woodlouse and joined the trial.

         ‘Where are you going?’ said the beautiful white butterfly?

         Grumpy Stanley, Slip the Slug, the woodlouse and the spider looked up at the butterfly perched on a flower. Grumpy Stanley smiled. This was very strange as he never, ever smiled.

          ‘We are looking for the culprit who is eating the cabbages,’ said Slip the slug.

           The butterfly looked at the snail and blushed.

            ‘You should all be eating the cabbages,’ she said, ‘they are good for you.’

           ‘So you’re the culprit!’ said Grumpy Stanley and the butterfly nodded her head.

            ‘Yes,’ she replied honestly. ‘That is where I get my name from,’ she said proudly, ‘by eating cabbages.’

            ‘But they’re my cabbages,’ said Grumpy Stanley. ‘That’s stealing!’

            ‘Shall I frighten her?’ said the spider. Grumpy Stanley shook his head.

             ‘No it’s not stealing,’ said the butterfly crossly, ‘they belong to everyone.’

            ‘Count me out,’ said the Woodlouse, ‘I hate cabbages and anything green.’

             ‘You should eat all your greens. They are good for you,’ said the butterfly.

            ‘But if everyone ate the greens there would be no cabbages left,’ said Grumpy Stanley.

             ‘There’s plenty to go around,’ the butterfly said. ‘We shouldn’t be greedy.’

             ‘If I ate my greens do you think I could fly like you?’ said Slip the slug.

             ‘They will make you big and strong but I don’t think they will make you fly,’ replied the butterfly. ‘But you never know!’ she added.

             Grumpy Stanley huffed and puffed and woodlouse moaned but in the end they all agreed to try.

           Grumpy Stanley would share his cabbages but first he would make a rota. ‘You can only eat the cabbages when it’s your turn,’ he said grumpily. And they all agreed.

            The Woodlouse never flew and Slip the slug did grow stronger, and somehow, the more cabbage Grumpy Stanley seemed to eat, the happier he became. Secretly, I think it had something to do with the butterfly.