18. Aug, 2014

Britain's new national bird!

Vote now, for Britain’s new national bird. The robin has held the position, since the 60’s and now it’s time to vote again.

     I was sitting in our garden for waifs and strays today, thinking about all the birds that come to visit us. The hedge, as usual, was alive with hundreds of our feathered friends. Even the sky above was circled by the seagulls, watching me feed the hens.

      Later, with a mug of sweet tea, I sat by the pond and thought about the bird I would choose to represent Britain. It is quite a difficult decision and thankfully, one I personally won’t have to make but can take part in. You also get to choose six out of sixty types of birds.

      My thoughts turned to the First World War and the story I recently wrote, about the pigeon message carriers. What an amazing bird to represent this country, I thought. Despite their war wounds, many of these creatures soldiered on regardless of their pain and with such dignity.

       But there are so many worthy contestants, all of whom bring delight and comfort to so many people. And although, the pigeon is a favorite of mine, despite not the prettiest of birds, I think he could be in with a chance.

       If you are interested, then place your vote on the ‘Vote for Britain’s National Bird’ site, and be in with a chance of winning a Shetland Wildlife Holiday, top of the range Leica binoculars, Bird Watching Magazine subscription and Urban Birder T-Shirts. Good luck!