23. Aug, 2014

Don't let summer slip!

It’s late, but not so late that I should be tucked up in bed with a cup of sweet tea but late enough all the same. Despite a long day working on the ward and catching up with animals at our home for waifs and strays, sleep still evades me and there’s still a tale to be told before the lids come down.

      Just moments ago, I stood by the quiet pond where everything sleeps, which is quite unusual for this time of day. But I welcomed the silence as I looked up at the starry sky. And it was starry, with a slight nip of autumn in the air.

      ‘But it’s summer,’ I whispered softly, ‘I’m not quite ready for autumn, not yet!’ The tomatoes need ripening and the beans continue to grow, the grapes hang sour in bunches. The lettuce and cucumber still need to be picked whilst carrots and beetroot still cling to the ground. Oh and so much more besides! And walking past the log store reminds me of evenings by the fire, roasting chestnuts and drinking sweet tea. But I’m not ready for summer to slip, not yet!