27. Aug, 2014

The tale of Summer Sands

There is a farm in Gusty Gully, where cows, sheep, pigs, chickens and lots of kittens live and a nine year old girl called Summer Sands.  

      One day Summer looked out of the window and frowned at the rain. I can’t possibly go to school today, she thought, and got back into bed and hid under the blanket.

      ‘Time to get up,’ shouted her mother from the bottom of the stairs. Summer squeezed her eyes shut and put her hands over her ears. What was the point of going to school when there was so much to do on the farm?  No point at all, she thought.

       ‘Hurry up Summer, you’ll be late for school!’

       ‘But who will look after the kittens while I’m in school?’ Summer shouted from her bed. ‘It’s raining!’

       In no time at all her mother pulled off the bedclothes and uncovered a miserable Summer. ‘Come rain or shine, you have to go to school,’ she said firmly. ‘I’ve made you your favourite breakfast.’

       Summer walked into the kitchen and sat at the table. The fire was lit and the smell of wood burning only made things worse.

       ‘I can’t go to school mum!’ Summer said sadly.       

       ‘Why ever not!’ said her mother.

       ‘My kittens need me,’ Summer pleaded. ‘I have to stay home!’

       Summer Sands!’ said her mother, putting a plate of egg on toast in front of her, ‘eat your breakfast, the kittens will be fine with their mother!’

        The phone rang and Summer ran to answer it. ‘Oh my goodness,’ she shouted, ‘I forgot all about it. Thank you, thank you!’

         Summer ran to the table and gobbled up the egg on toast as quick as a flash.

          ‘What on earth has happened,’ said her mother. ‘You’ll have indigestion!’

          ‘I have to be quick mum. I need to go to school!’

          ‘What on earth’s got in to you? A minute ago you didn’t want to go anywhere!’

          ‘Sophie rang to remind me to take a kitten to school. Its show and tell and Mrs Bumblebee said I could. As long as you take it home afterwards. Please mum!’ She looked up at her mother and smiled. ‘They’re eight weeks old now, old enough to go to school!’

          ‘Thank heavens you didn’t suggest the pig,’ said her mother and instantly wished she hadn’t put the idea into Summer’s head.

           Summer frowned, ‘I did ask and she said I can take her next time.’         

           And before her mother could say another word, Summer ran to the barn to chose a kitten from the basket.

           ‘Come rain or shine,’ she said to the kitten, ‘you have to go to school!’