28. Aug, 2014

On Butterfly Wings

On Butterfly Wings she came to me

One winter’s day some time ago,

I knew that she was just on loan

To stay till she was fully grown.

And as I held her close to me and looked into her eyes,

I saw a special sparkle there, intelligent and wise.

I knew the reason for the butterfly wings

They warned me of her spirit,

That they would one day call her back

To fly the highest limits.

And so the years, they soon did pass

The fire inside was roaring,

For someone else had stole her heart

And sent her spirits soaring.

This child so wild and curious, so full of love for life,

This child I promised not to keep

Tied with ropes around her feet,

I will not crush her spirit free

She’ll thrive on nectar, like a bee,

She’ll make her way in life, I know

And take whatever life will throw,

And if she asks me why it is, she cannot see or feel these wings,

I’ll look at her and gently say, the words straight from my heart.

They are the arms that wrap around you

When you need me to be there,

They are the eyes you can look into

And see the memories we share,

They are the ears you can talk to no matter where you are

They are the Sun, the Moon, the Oceans,

The sky’s brightest Star,

They are the love that’s between us

The bonds we have made.

So when you climb upon these wings of life…don’t be afraid.

Be careful Wings, when it’s time

to take my strong willed child,

Be careful if you take her into the distant wild.

It will be with great sadness I’ll watch her go, but not with any regret,

Instead, my heart will be filled with love...... and yet,

I cannot help but wish that I

Upon her Butterfly Wings could fly.