30. Aug, 2014

A celebration of life!

     On our way home from a birthday party just moments ago, I wondered how others celebrated birthdays around the world.

      For instance, I remember someone once telling me that children in Ghana have a special breakfast called ‘oto’ which is simply, a patty of mashed sweet potato and eggs fried in palm oil. This is followed later in the day by a stew and rice known a ‘kelewle’ which is a simple dish of plantain chunks.

       A child in India will celebrate their first birthday by having their head shaved while being held by a special fire. The renewal of the soul is thought to be obtained by cleansing the child of any evil they might have had in their past lives.

        And children living the cities in Sudan will celebrate their birthday but children in the country won’t. I’m not sure why this is so.

         What I found quite interesting is that the Chinese begin life without zero. A baby is one as soon as it’s born and at twelve months it is two.

          So many important people, I discovered, celebrate their birthdays twice a year, especially if their birthday falls at Christmas or in the bleak mid winter. However, it seems that they age just the same, one year at a time. I shall remember to inform my kind and unassuming husband that I intend to do the same in future, as my birthday is also at Christmas.

            Now it comes to the ‘leaplings’ or the ‘leapers’ born on February 29th of any given year. You see, every other year there is no February 29th due to it being a leap year. So the birthday celebrations end up on February 28th or March 1st so technically, these people have fewer ‘real’ birthday anniversaries.   

             So it seems, that people around the world celebrate (or not, in many cases) birthday’s in different ways. For me, I think the day you were born is a celebration of life and one should be reminded of this every year thereafter.