30. Aug, 2014

Cries in the night...

As darkness falls, pitiful cries can be heard behind walls, in alleyways, in gutters across cities. They call for the people who once cared for them, to come home. Filled with fear and empty stomachs, these innocent animals of war are suffering. Left behind to fend for themselves, they roam the streets, frightened and confused. Death comes quick to those that stray on wrong territory and are blown to pieces. For the rest, the wait is endless.

      So often, at our home for waifs and strays, my kind and unassuming husband sits patiently and listens to my woes and worries, usually about animals and the world we live in. Last night, was one of those times. Just before lights went out, I listened to the news. This was a big mistake!

      It suddenly dawned on me that thousands of cats, dogs, cattle, zoo animals, all animals that were once in the care of their owners, are left to fend for themselves. My heart weighed heavily with the realisation of it all. I poured my heart out to my kind and unassuming husband. I talked about the world and all its problems but mostly I talked about war. But for all the talking, it got me nowhere. The problems were deeply rooted and it would take more than a country girl like me, to dig them up and burn them. 

       So once again, I strolled down to the pond with a cup of sweet tea in my hand, searching for answers inside my head. The night air rustled the leaves in the trees and rocked the old wooded swing as I stood alone in the darkness with thoughts of war, animals and the question, what is this life all about? The sun will continue to rise and set and life for the majority of us will go on as normal, but somewhere out there in the world there are innocent people and animals suffering because of a battle they never wanted.

        In the 1990’s, over half the animal livestock lost their lives due to mines in the Afghan war. Quite often, entire species are gone forever. Habitats are lost and migratory birds lose their way due to bombing and aircraft activity. No-one or nothing can escape the cruel reality of war.  

        With fear, poverty, homelessness, illness and starvation, it is no wonder that people have had to leave these animals behind. What choice did they have? And so these animals roam the streets, crying for food, but no-one hears them. Surely there should be a law to protect these innocent creatures of war which, through no choice of their own, are suffering and will continue to suffer until someone, somewhere, does something about it.