5. Sep, 2014

The Spider and the Bee

‘I’m coming to get you,’ said the spider to the bee.

     ‘Huh! Don’t make me laugh,’ the bee replied.

     ‘I don’t want to make you laugh,’ said the spider to the bee. ‘I want to make you cry.’

      ‘Why on earth do you want to make me cry?’ said the bee. ‘What have I ever done to hurt you?

       ‘Hmm,’ said the spider, which was really quite small. A lot smaller than the bee! ‘Come to think of it, I really can’t remember why I want to make you cry.’

       ‘Well come on up here and let’s be friends,’ said the bee, trying hard not to laugh. So the spider crept ever so slowly up the stem. Oh I wish I could remember why I wanted to make the bee cry, thought the spider, but he had forgotten.

        ‘Can you remember now?’ said the bee, as the spider was almost at the top of the stem.

         The spider looked into the eyes of the bee and gasped.  

         ‘I..I..remember now,’ cried the spider. ‘You tried to sting me earlier but I escaped!’

          ‘Well you can’t escape me now!’ the bee said loudly. ‘I’m coming to get YOU!’

          The spider’s heart raced wildly as he tumbled down the stem. But the bee just sat on the flower and laughed.

           ‘That will teach you not to look for trouble,’ said the bee, and he turned and flew the other way.