12. Sep, 2014

I will never forget

Walking with some friends just the other day, down a lane where I once lived, caused a melancholy mood to settle over me. Oh please don’t worry, its September again, the time when I reflect and remember the people I have loved and lost. The people that helped me to become the person I am today.

     I have had many ‘mothers’ that have come and gone, people who have meant a lot to me in one way or another. But I have only ever had one mummy, as I always called her.

     And although it was in the month of August she left me, having died in my arms, I always remember September as being the darkest month. The time of change! But I do believe that she is still there, just waiting in another room fretting from time to time that I’m not half the house proud person that she was. She certainly would never have had chickens running in and out the house and a makeshift hospital for any sick animal that passes through, but she did love animals, that’s a fact! And she loved her family and gave so much of herself, despite her sufferings.

     So here is to September, and the memory of you holding my hand and walking down that lane again. And my baby that died before his life began.

Let us never forget