18. Sep, 2014

How Great Thou Art!

Despite their decline, I managed to see a variety of butterflies as I wondered through the valley and onto the beach. The late summer sunshine is a great relief for many animals and I too felt better for having the sun warm my shoulders and my spirits too.

     I sat for awhile taking many nature pictures that one day I hope to do something with. And in return I was rewarded with a peacefulness that seemed to elude me these past few weeks.  

     ‘Take time to stop and smell the flowers,’ my father once told me. And so I stopped and watched the butterflies, delicately fly from flower to flower. I watched the waves roll in and out across the sandy bay and I looked all around me and saw miles of rugged cliffs stretching down to a quiet sea. Not even a seagull dared to break the spell!

     I remember once, being told that if the breath is irregular then the mind is unsteady. If your breathing is calm then so will your mind be calm. My mind certainly felt calm as I headed back to our home for waifs and strays.