23. Sep, 2014

I'm hiding!

Go-back-go-back-go-back!’ That is the guttural bark of this dumpy young bird we call a grouse. And that is exactly what drew my friend’s attention, whilst walking on the moors in Gower last weekend.  

      She could hardly believe her eyes, when amongst the rough grass and heather, the wee little head of a lagopus lagopus scotica looked up at her. It has other names too, like moorbird, moorfowl and moorcock and is often seen on adverts for whiskey.

       These herbivorous birds feed on seeds, shoots and the flowers of heather. It also likes to eat berries and sometimes, the occasional insect.

       Autumn is the time for grouse to find a mate before the winter sets in. So hurry little bird and watch out for the fox, the crow and the man with a gun!