26. Sep, 2014

Music soothes the Soul

I recently stumbled across Meg Cox and her father, whilst wondering through the grounds of Tredegar House in Wales. I heard their music first, sweet and catchy, the type my father used to play.

     I hurried through the ancient gardens to where the sound was coming from, passing swans basking in the sunshine besides a lake. Then I saw them, Meg and Dave Cox, father and daughter, sitting outside the music shop where Dave makes beautifully carved instruments.

      Taking a break from their work indoors, the father and daughter musicians sat in the sun with smiles on their faces and their feet tapping to the beats of their music.

       I was quite impressed to discover that Meg was just 13 years old. She was only four when her career in music began and has already appeared at the Royal Albert Hall in London. Also, with her father, this young and greatly talented violinist has been seen playing at many folk and rock festivals throughout the country.

       And so I sat for awhile and listened to the music. I thought once again about my father and the hours he spent teaching me to play the violin. For that, I will be eternally grateful. Not just for is teachings but for bringing music into my life.