28. Sep, 2014

Bachelor Beach!

My kind and unassuming husband and I are on the road again and have reached St David’s on the North Pembrokeshire Coast. Some of our dearest friends have joined us in their own almost vintage campervans and we all made camp in a field overlooking the sea. It’s breathtaking!

    Today was made extra special with a jet boat trip around Ramsey Island where the new seal pups have been born. My love for all animals, great and small is no secret but somehow, when I look into the eyes of the seal it stirs up emotions, even I don’t understand. Today was no exception.

    As the boat edged silently (but at a safe distance) towards the storm bays (seal nursey)tucked between the sheer cliffs, we could easily see the new born pups and their mothers. Then off we went to bachelor beach where the unattched males, unlucky enough to not have a harem of their own. This was quite amazing, seeing so many male seals on one beach.... all supporting each other!! But then something even greater happened.

     It was when out friends had left and my kind an unassuming husband I went for a stroll around the cliff path. It was the golden hour, when the sun was low and the air still warm. Although parts of the cliffs had eroded, the path was safe enough to wonder on. I peered over (much to the horror of my kind and unassuming husband) and saw, about 150 feet down, the face of a seal staring all that distance, back at me. Her big brown eyes, never once left mine. She was protecting her baby which lay sleeping on the beach.

      We walked around the cliff path and saw another wee pup stretching and yawning on the beach while her mother watched over her. It was such a humbling experience.

       But it’s late now and I have many more stories to tell, but for now we have to wonder on.

        Goodnight my friends. Meet you here, same time, same place, tomorrow!