30. Sep, 2014

Little helpers!

I guess we’re all trying to make the most of this stretched out summer. The hens at our home for waifs and strays certainly enjoy a bit of sun but they prefer it even more, when we’re around. So trying to do a spot of gardening today was hopeless. In the end, I sat with a cup of sweet tea and watched the hens instead.

      However, I did manage to pick an enormous amount of grapes which I hope to convert to jam and juice. In separate jars, of course! And also baskets full of runner beans which have gone slightly over. With these, I shall make jars of chutney for my kind and unassuming husband.

      I was pleased to see the cuttings I had taken of herbs and flowers, flourish in the greenhouse, ready for next spring. There is also lettuce ready to pick and the remainder of the sweet tomatoes.  

      Tomorrow, if the weather permits, I have the task of planting more lettuce, spring cabbage, garlic and asparagus. This is also the time to plant your wild flower seeds ready for next year and your bulbs, of course!

       But for now, the hens are tucked up in their bed. The sky has gone dark and rain has begun to fall. As I reached to close the window, I heard a heavy plop in the pond and can only guess that a frog or a toad has taken up residence for the night. Though we did have a polecat plop into it some time ago! A scary thought!

       Supper time!