4. Oct, 2014

A light at the end of the tunnel!

‘Keep going,’ a friend said to me today, ‘there’s a light at the end of the tunnel!’

    Indeed, I was in a tunnel when she called to see me. Or rather, an archway where a tangle of plants would wrap themselves around anything that stood still long enough. Me included!

     Well it made me think, about this tunnel with a light at the end. I guess if I didn’t clear it up and keep on top of things, then I doubt anyone would see the light at the other end. But it isn’t always that easy!

     I have often talked about the time stealers and tried to stay one step ahead of them.  Our home for waifs and strays takes quite a bit of effort to run properly and thank heavens my kind and unassuming husband is clever enough to do all of the maintenance. But always, around this time of year, things seem to pile up. I guess at times, I cannot see the wood for the trees, or indeed, a light at the end of the tunnel.

     So the past few days have been spent digging, planting, raking and repairing. There are poorly animals to see to and the not so poorly ones still need their check- ups! And then there’s planning for the year to come. I like this bit, as I always come up with exciting ideas...however, they have to pass go, in the form of my kind and unassuming husband.

     Remember the old summerhouse I told you about before? The one down by the pond! Well I’m hoping we will get it ready for next spring to let out for glamping (glamorous camping) which seems to be popular in this area at the moment. Also, we hope to start and b&b at our home for waifs and strays. It’s an idea, and I love ideas!  

      But for now, I have boiled the kettle and about to take a cup of sweet tea out into the garden where the sun still shines and I will take time to look for that light at the end of the tunnel!