5. Oct, 2014

Doggy duvet day

Rufus was having a bad day! Penny, his owner had gone to work and locked the attic window so he couldn’t join his canine friends.

     ‘It’s going to be a long day,’ Rufus sighed as he burrowed beneath the bedcovers, ‘a long, boring day!’

      Just as he closed his eyes, he heard a knock on the front door. His ears pricked up and his tail wagged wildly as he raced down the stairs.

      By the time he reached the door, the knocking had stopped. He sniffed and sniffed but couldn’t pick up a scent. Whoever it was had gone. ‘Boring! Boring! Boring!’ he thought to himself.

       Then there was a sudden banging on the back door. Rufus hurried to see who was there. He passed the ginger cat that looked up at him and yawned. Rufus gave a friendly little growl. He didn’t have time for cats, especially ones that didn’t make him run.

       Someone was playing games, he thought, when he reached the door to find there was no-one there. This was quite annoying!

       Deciding that the kitchen was just as boring as the rest of the house, Rufus settled down on the mat besides a bowl of biscuits. He wished for something exciting to happen and his wish was soon granted!

       All of a sudden, Rufus heard voices outside. ‘It’s all clear,’ someone said and a stone smashed through the window and landed on the kitchen floor. Not knowing quite what to do, Rufus hid behind a cupboard and waited. The back door opened and in came two strange men. One was carrying a sack and a small black bag which he placed on the floor. The other walked through to the dining room. They were up to no good, thought Rufus as he watched them from his hiding place.

        ‘Well what have we got here?’ said the man slyly and Rufus heard the ginger cat meow.

       ‘We could do with a moggie to catch the rats. Sling it in the bag!’

       Rufus watched in horror as the other man picked up the old ginger cat and put him in the sack.

        Woof! Woof! Woof! Rufus barked and ripped the sack from the man’s hand. The cat screeched as he escaped and hid behind the sofa.

        Rufus had an idea and ran out to the kitchen. He picked up the black bag from the floor and raced outside. The men ran after him, shouting for him to stop. But Rufus didn’t stop. He ran faster and faster.

        People in the street watched in amazement as a dozen dogs appeared from nowhere and began to chase the men that chased after Rufus. They barked and snapped at the men’s legs, making them scream in anger. A police car joined the chase and soon caught up with the men who were well known burglars.

       Rufus, tired but happy, dropped the bag where the police could see it and ran all the way home without stopping! His canine friends ran with him and they barked a warning to any thieves that lurked in the alleyways.

       Later that day when Penny returned home, she was bewildered to see Rufus and the ginger cat snuggled together on the mat in the kitchen.

       ‘How on earth did that glass break?’ she said to them. ‘Thank heavens you were here to frighten them away!’ The ginger cat meowed and Rufus wagged his tail happily.