8. Oct, 2014

The Wicked Bella Donna!

Oh Bella Donna (beautiful woman) how is it that one as incredible as you has the potential to kill? I can see how some mortal humans could be deceived by your alluring bell shaped face and faintly scented body. But why do you allow such beauty to entice the innocent to your deadly sweet berries when ripened into a devilish shiny black? Are you not aware that death would almost certainly follow if they ate just a few of your berries or just one of your leaves?

      Keep back, I say, for your charming beauty does not entice me. My father warned me of your kind. However, I can see from where I stand that you are indeed a pretty site. There are many that before the Middle Ages, would have bowed before you, for providing the anesthetic they so required. And is it true, that the wife of Claudius and the wife of Emperor Augustus used your poison for murder?  Oh you wicked Bella Donna!

       I don’t mean to harp on but don’t you find it strange that rabbits and cows can eat you and survive and yet our domestic pets and we of course, would not be able to tolerate even a whimsical piece of you! I, for one, would certainly not be tempted by your bewitching and pulchritudinous charm! It is no wonder that they call you Deadly Nightshade!