10. Oct, 2014

Every Cloud has a Spirit Lining

Have you ever felt something brush your cheek or your arm and yet there is nothing or no-one there? This hasn’t happened to me for quite some time, but it happened today when I went to visit a remote old castle.

     Admittedly, the weather was growling and the clouds dark and dank and somewhere in the distance a rumbling of thunder added to the atmosphere. No, I’m not writing a fictitious wee tale here, this actually happened.

      It was as I walked up the narrow stone steps, cut into the hill, towards the ruins. I felt a featherlike touch on my cheek and shivered! There it was again!  I brushed my face sharply, thinking something was crawling on me but I had sensed this feeling before. I was being watched, I was sure of it.  But there was no-one or nothing there, not even a bird!

       Feeling slightly on edge, I looked to the sky to see a cloud with eyes, dark and threatening, glaring down at me.  It was time to go home!

       But as I turned to walk back down the narrow steps, I felt a large presence of people I could not see. It was almost overwhelming (are you still with me?) and yet not exactly too frightening.

       I hurried back to the car just before the rain came and washed the feeling away. Will I return there again? I am as curious as ever, so I most certainly will!