12. Oct, 2014

Spirit of the island

Let me tell you a little secret. It’s about a place where I love to go whenever I feel the need to escape the world!

     Burry Holms is a small tidal island and is mentioned in an adventure book I have almost completed, for children. And it is here I go for inspiration, as well as the peacefulness. You see, it is situated at the far end of the Gower Peninsular and not too far from our home for waifs and strays.

      This small island covered in Thrift and Sea Campion, during spring and summer months, was once inhabited by nomadic Mesolithic hunters, where they set up seasonal camps. During the Iron Age, a hill fort was built on the island and in medieval times, a Monastery. And so you see, this tiny island has a spiritual feel which is evident, each time I pay it a visit.

       I have often sat at the far end of the island and watched the common gulls, razorbills, kittiwakes and the guillemots, as well as the many seals and occasional dolphin.  Many of them will brave the wild storms that often hit the island during the winter months.  

       And on my journey back across the island, I always stop and take time to sit amongst the ruins of an old stone church. I take out my flask of sweet tea and imagine life as it was, many hundreds of years ago and the life that is now and the one that stretches out before us.