24. Oct, 2014

Time to fall into winter!

Way back in 1916, when WW1 was well advanced, Parliament passed ‘The Summer Time Act’, to save fuel and money. The idea came from a man called William Willett who published a paper called The Waste of Daylight in 1907. He outlined plans hoping to encourage people to get out of bed earlier in summer by altering the nations clocks. He died before his scheme was passed.

     So, don't forget to alter the time on your clocks on Sunday at 2am! In return, you will recieve slightly lighter mornings and darker evenings. Some of you will cringe at the thought of going to and from work in the dark and many of you will suffer from SAD (seasonal affective disorder), due to the shortened days. Although I never wish time away, I do look forward to the time when clocks spring forward again!

     And so as winter looms, with it will come the winds and storms that uproot trees and cause so much destruction. Perhaps I ought to hibernate until spring but there is still much to do at our home for waifs and strays. Here in Wales, we have our fair share of rain so outhouses have to be waterproofed so the hens keep cosy and warm.

    I guess I will make the most of these dark days by walking more, come rain or shine. Remember, we are not sugar mice and will not melt! I shall make more effort to invite friends for dinner and drink sweet tea by the fire. I will endeavour to be patient and embrace the winter months until the clocks spring forward again into Summer Time!