30. Oct, 2014

When souls of the dead came to dinner..Part 1

I arrived at the party uninvited. Well that’s not strictly true, because three hours ago I was, but that was before the argument! I remember a lot of screaming and shouting and then a door slammed on my face.

     ‘Fine,’ I shouted from the driveway and stormed off in my car.  A dumb party it was going to be anyway, with Jen’s so called psychic friends.

     ‘We’re having a séance and I doubt you’d be interested!’ Jen had said a few days ago. ‘It’s for All Hallows Eve! Being a none-believer I think its best you don’t come. ’

      ‘Prove me wrong!’ I replied, ‘and let’s see if any spirits turn up for the party. That would be a laugh!’ In the end she agreed to let me come but as long as I kept my mouth shut! But then earlier, when I called round to see her on the way back from work, we argued again. She reminded me of how different we were and that we should think again about moving to into a flat together.

      ‘I’ve been thinking about it,’ she said without looking at me, ‘we should wait a bit longer!’

       I asked her why and she wouldn’t answer so I kept on and on until she did.

       ‘I don’t trust you Alan,’ she said slowly, turning her head to look at me. ‘I need more time.’

       I was shocked! Blown away in fact! She was hiding something from me, I was sure about that. Oh, I’m no angel admittedly but heck, what man doesn’t get tempted now and again?

      Jen and I met when we were four. Almost from the beginning we had a turbulent relationship. I went out with quite a few girls before she decided to give me a try. I guess her avoidance of me made me want her even more! We’ve been together almost three years now but split up some time back when she accused me of having an affair. I was drunk at the time and was hardly in control but she found out and for awhile we separated. But we got back together and I thought things were going well until today when she decided we have nothing in common.

      Well let’s see what happens tonight. If she lets me in and I see spirits sitting at the dinner table with us then I will become a believer and then we will have something in common!

       ‘Hi! Are you going to the party too?’

      I turned to see who was there and saw the most beautiful girl ever! Except for Jen of course!

      ‘I must say you do look the part, I didn’t want to look too scary,’ she giggled girlishly and I almost fell over. I didn’t recognise her from any of Jen’s friends but come to think about it I hardly know any of them.

      ‘Are you a believer?’ Why did I say that? Stupid bloody question!

      She giggled again. ‘I wasn’t but I was proved wrong!’

      I wasn’t quite sure what she was talking about and I certainly didn’t realise it was a fancy dress.

      We were standing on the edge of Jen’s drive. The door opened and there she was inviting someone in. I waved but didn’t move. She looked in my direction but ignored me and closed the door............

To be continued tomorrow!