31. Oct, 2014

When the souls of the dead came to dinner! PART 2

                                  The continuation .....

    We stood together in the darkness as if we had known each other for some time but I didn’t even know her name. Children dressed as ghosts ran passed us ignoring our presence, shouting trick or treat and I was beginning to feel nervous about seeing Jen. ‘Shall we go in?’ I said.  

      ‘Don’t you think we should wait?’ she replied with a hint of wickedness in her voice.

      I frowned. ‘Don’t tell me you weren’t invited either!’ She looked at me with steel blue eyes that seemed to look through me. I shivered! She was not your average woman. Yes, she was stunningly beautiful but strange at the same time. I couldn’t put my finger on it.

      ‘Ah I get it,’ she said, ‘you’ve never done this before, have you?’ I shook my head. She giggled that sort of witchy giggle which made me feel uncomfortable.

      ‘Come with me!’ she moved swiftly to the back of the house. ‘Let’s give them what they want and get out of here!’

      The curtains were open. I could see the table set with cards and a candle. Jen was there and I wanted to knock on the window and call to her but something stopped me. Something didn’t feel quite right.

       ‘Are you OK?’ she spoke softly, the wickedness no longer in her voice. I shrugged my shoulder and continued to stare through the window.

       ‘By the way, my name’s Maggie.’


       ‘Alan!’ she added. ‘I know who you are!’ she put a finger over her lips warning me to be quiet and nodded toward to the window. Jen and her friends were gathering at the table. So she didn’t wait for me I thought, despite there being an empty chair. Bitch!

       ‘They obviously weren’t expecting you Maggie,’ I said grinning at the single empty chair.

        ‘Oh they’re expecting me alright,’ she grinned with that wicked look again.

       The back door opened and for a moment I thought someone was going to invite us in but it was Kim, Jens best friend. She couldn’t see us in the darkness and neither of us moved or said a word. We just watched as she pulled out a cigarette and began to puff on it.

        ‘Hurry up Kim,’ Jen shouted, as she appeared at the door. ‘We’re going to start.’ I was about to run to her but something stopped me.

         ‘Where’s Alan tonight?’ Kim asked, puffing smoke into Jen’s face.’

          Jen sighed heavily. ‘It’s over between us! It never should have started. He’s such a womaniser!’

          Kim laughed. ‘Let’s go in, it’s spooky out here!’

          I opened my mouth to say something but froze on the spot instead. The bloody cheek of it! Little miss bloody perfect! Well she’s had it!

  Kim stubbed out the burning ash on the step then flicked it onto the garden before turning to enter the house. She left the door open so I crept through it and made my way to the dining room where everyone was now seated, everyone except for me and Maggie.

         ‘Wait!’ Maggie shouted, ‘it’s not time yet.’

         I wasn’t sure what Maggie was up too but I guess she’s been hired by one of Jen’s friends to spice up the evening. I was up for that!

         Everyone joined hands in the silence. All stared at the flickering candle.

         ‘Is anyone there?’ someone asked. I almost wanted to shout and scare the lot of them but I stayed where I was, just out of sight.

         ‘Let us know you are here,’ the voice was affected!

         Maggie moved slowly towards the table. What the heck was she up to?

          The candle flickered and you could feel the tension in the room.

         Everyone around the table put a finger on the card in front of them.

         ‘Who’s there?’ It was that voice again.

         Maggie blew on the cards and no-one said a word to her. This was frigging weird!

         A....L....A....N The card spelt out my name. Everyone gasped. Jen looked very shaky and as I was about to move, the phone rang making everyone jump. Jen composed herself and hurried to answer it.

           ‘Yes?’ Her voice quivered.


           ‘What’s that you said? An accident!’


           There was sudden tension in the room as Jen began to cry.

           Kim ran towards her grabbing her before she fell to the floor. ‘What’s the matter Jen? Who’s dead?’

           ‘Alan,’ Jen mumbled. ‘He had an accident in the car a couple of hours ago and was killed straight out!’


Maggie and I left the room together!