1. Nov, 2014

The town of books

I was lucky enough to meet two fantastic authors in the town of books last evening. Barbara Erskine and Phil Rickman are both prolific writers and extremely ‘down to earth’ people.  After talking about his books, Phil picked up his guitar and played for us, accompanied by his howling dog Fergerson!  It was an evening I shall remember for a long time to come.

    Driving over the Brecon Mountains towards The Town of Books, or otherwise known as Hay-on Wye, was an experience in itself. The views were spectacular! Rolls and rolls of mountains, unfolded around us, upon which the wild ponies grazed. Apart from the odd farmhouse, there were no other signs of human life for many miles. I had forgotten how wonderful a journey it was. However, on the way back, we drove in complete darkness, even the moon was blackened out by clouds. A real treat for Halloween, I guess.

      Hay-on Wye is the northernmost point of the Brecon Beacons National Park and sits of the side of the River Wye. The magnificent Black Mountains range is to the east, in the Golden Valley. I can only say to you that this quaint town of books, with its patchwork quilt of cafes, craft shops, and book shops, has to be a must place to visit.