14. Nov, 2014

The song of Rosetta

Did Rosetta sing as she landed on a four billion year old rock mixed with dust and ice? Or was someone there to greet her with a song? The chances are she was alone and 300,000000 miles away from her planet earth. Perhaps there is some scientific reason for the sound we heard or perhaps we will never know. But after a journey that took ten years with trips around Earth and Mars in order to gain speed, she eventually made it!

      But with just three of her four feet anchored to the comet, Rosetta has a tough time ahead. Her heart will need charging and despite hanging precariously to the side of the comet, a shadow hangs over her. And unless she can recharge her ‘battery’ her mission could soon be over.

      However, already, Rosetta has accomplished so much. A keen photographer, she has already started work and sent photos of the comet, one of trillions out there in our solar system, back to earth.

      And I shall tell you, that just the other evening, my kind and unassuming husband met up with an old friend of his, a scientist who took part in the construction of Rosetta, a European Space Agency-operated spacecraft. Together we had an amazing time, talking about Rosetta as if she too, was an old and endearing friend.

‘We wish you luck Rosetta and all who made you possible!’