25. Jan, 2015

Let's climb a mountain

‘Shall we climb a mountain?’ I asked my kind and unassuming husband, not that long ago, ‘a very big mountain, the highest in Wales.’

     At first, he wasn’t so keen. He had heard about the dangers of climbing Mount Snowdon. Almost every year, it claims the lives of about ten people and many more are injured. But we decided that we were both in need of a challenge.

      Leaving our home for waifs and strays, even for a day, is a challenge in itself. We have to arrange animal sitters around the clock. But we are very fortunate that many of our friends are only too willing to help us out. So we set off for a weekend away in our faithful old camper.

     The rugged landscape of Snowdonia in North Wales is nothing less than impressive. These mountain ranges, the result of volcanoes from the Ordovician period, are the highest peaks south of the Scottish Highlands.

      As my kind and unassuming husband and I climbed the strenuous path, we were constantly in awe of the magnificent scenery that surrounded us. From the sculptured crests above us, to the shimmering lakes below, it was nothing short of a miracle. And the air! I thought nothing could be as sweet as my sweet tea, but this was sweeter.         

       Standing proudly at the top, we repeated the mantra, ‘Getting to the top is optional, getting down is mandatory,’ over and over again. We were exhilarated.

        That evening, in the shadow of the mountains, we sat with friends around a campfire. As our supper slowly cooked, we sang, we talked and we laughed. And eventually, we slept.

        First thing the following morning, I said to my kind and unassuming husband, ‘Let’s climb Ben Nevis!’

        I’m still waiting for the reply!