5. Feb, 2015

Life on the marsh

Not far from our home for waifs and strays, is a large stretch of tidal wetlands that reaches out to sea. This is home to an abundance of wildlife including the marsh ponies and hardy sheep. But like a leopard that can change its spots, this quiet water can also change its mood.

     On a low tide with the sun shining, or even on a day like this one, one can see the ever changing colours of the hills that roll down to the waters edge. This enchanting and peaceful place has habitats that entice the many and varied wading birds. But during high tide, the banks and rivers become flooded leaving many an animal at its mercy.

     Not so long ago, during a storm, I travelled by this marshy land, on a narrow road, transformed into a shallow river. The tide, not yet high, was quite alluring and I impulsively stopped the car to stare at the beauty of it all.

     Many sheep and ponies had been rescued before and during the storm by volunteers but some remained and were sheltering on the edge of the river banks. 

     The unrelenting rain did not seem to bother a heron that stood patiently, waiting for his lunch. So, as the rain continued to fall, I wound down the window and took a few photos, and just as I did, a duck went sailing by, without a care in the world. It was magical!