18. Feb, 2015

Welcome home!

Walking down the path early this morning, just before the sun rose, I heard the strangest grunting and croaking sounds. I had heard that sound before! Wishing I had taken the torch, I stopped and listened.

      They were back! Frogs, frogs and even more frogs! I couldn’t see them but I knew they had arrived in our pond.  The male frogs were making all the noise, as usual. You see, the females have much softer voices! The longer days of sunlight and recent rains had brought them home to mate. I smiled at the thought that our home for waifs and strays was busy again.

      These stout bodied creatures with their protruding eyes and cleft tongues would soon build mountains of spawn before leaving again. I guess they know that my kind and unassuming husband and I will watch over them.