26. Feb, 2015

No place like home

Just like Winnie the Pooh, I never like to be away from home for too long. This is a strange thing for a person like me to say, who is very much a free spirit and was brought up to be as wild as a bird or a rabbit.

     If I’m not working on the ward, I’m often shopping for my kind and unassuming husband and the rest of the animals that live at our home for waifs and strays.  I have to collect straw, corn, pellets and all sorts of things that animals need. Then I have people to visit who just ‘need to talk’ and I just have to sit and listen. You wouldn’t believe how hard this is for a person like me!

      And today, as I walked through the arched gate, after one of these particular days, I was greeted by a chorus of birds, hundreds of them, all living in the hedges around our home. The hens also came to see me and together we walked down to the pond and stared in amazement at the islands of frog spawn floating upon it. I waved a finger at the girls and warned them not to touch!

       Looking around, I noticed the daffodils waving their fresh yellow heads, beneath the overhanging catkins on the hazelnut tree. Such a pretty site!  By the time I had reached the kitchen door, the stresses of the day had vanished. I was home!